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Nice Gold Filled Swiss 17 Jewel Movement Watch Leather Band Boston Watch Company

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Presented is a neat leather banded watch with Swiss movement, made by the Boston Watch Company.

This watch is marked "Boston 17 Jewels" on the front face.  It is also marked "Non magnetic". 

The backing is stainless steel, while the front of the watch is gold filled. The band is made of gray leather.

This piece dates to the 1940s or 1950s.

The face has a neat design.  The watch numbers are Roman numerals. 

On the outer ring on the face of the watch is a seconds scale for the second hand so that you can use this piece as a stopwatch.

This is not a self-winding watch.  You must manually wind it. 

It is no longer running, but it is possible for you to have it repaired in order to be able to tell the time accurately. 

Overall this piece is in great physical shape and just needs to be fixed so that it will run again.  The face of the watch does have a few minor surface scratches.

Ready to grace your wrist with style!

Length: 8 inches from end to end.

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